GALAXY QUEST Director Dean Parisot to Helm BILL & TED 3

     August 10, 2012


It’s tough to believe that a third Bill & Ted movie is becoming a reality, but that seems to be the case.  We reported back in March that creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson had a finished script, and now Vulture reports that they’ve attached Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) to direct.  Solomon and Matheson wrote the script on spec in order to make sure that the new film wasn’t a reboot or a remake.  Keanu Reeves (Ted Theodore Logan) and Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston, Esq.) are both attached to return.

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According to Vulture, the new film would address where the eponymous characters were in their lives today (I thought their music would have saved the world by now), and Winter said in March that the movie would examine “what’s happened to rock & roll in the last twenty years.”  Because the script was wrote on spec, it currently doesn’t have a studio, but MGM still has the rights.  While MGM is too weak to do almost any movie solo, the project is reportedly being shopped to other studios to co-finance the picture.  The filmmakers are reportedly looking “to make a mid-priced studio comedy like Hot Tub Time Machine.”  Although Hot Tub Time Machine didn’t do too well for MGM, so that may not be the best example.

If the movie does manage to land at a studio, it won’t be able to start shooting until Parisot finishes up on Red 2, which doesn’t start shooting until spring 2013.  Then again, fans have waited over twenty years for a Bill & Ted sequel, so they can probably stand to wait a little longer.  I’m curious to see if the new movie will be a straight adventure-comedy like Excellent Adventure or a delightfully strange picture like Bogus Journey.


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