Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins Exclusive Video Interview GUITAR HERO World Tour

     October 28, 2008

Written by Bo and Hannah

It’s not often that an opportunity comes along to see a band like the Smashing Pumpkins play live to only 500 people. So when Steve (Frosty) told us about the Guitar Hero World Tour release event at Best Buy featuring a live performance by the Smashing Pumpkins, of course we jumped at the opportunity.

This past Saturday night we headed over to the Best Buy in West Hollywood to cover the red carpet for the Guitar Hero event, which would actually take place at a separate secret location. We arrived on the carpet hoping to snag some quick interviews with some b-list celebs, maybe one of the kids from the new 90210, and possibly get a quick glimpse of the Pumpkins as they past us on their way to E News. All of a sudden we found ourselves speaking with a certain six foot tall, bald, genius whom you can find answering a few of our questions via video, below.

As the Red Carpet died down, we were escorted into a tour bus and dropped off in front of a sound stage a few blocks away. Inside, we could only explain to you as a Guitar Hero Fan’s dream come true. There must have been 150 video game consoles to rock out on. Not to mention a full open bar and all the snacks you could think of. I’m talking, corn dogs, pizza, ding dongs, even twinkies were on hand for us to munch on while we played our favorite Guitar Hero songs.

It wasn’t long before we were watching the Smashing Pumpkins in all their glory rocking out on stage. They were so good, it didn’t even matter that they only played new songs. We can only hope that they throw a party like this every time Guitar Hero comes out with a new version of their hit video game.

Oh, the game looked great! And here’s the interview we didwith Billy Corgan – the lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Billy Corgan

· How did they get involved in the game

· Has he played the game

· How can the game change the music industry

· Billy talks about the set list

· Coachella talk

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