‘Billy on the Street’ Season 5 Trailer Is All About Jacob Tremblay

     September 28, 2016


What began as an addictive Internet series has become the comedy event of the season that everyone from Jon Hamm to the adorable Jacob Tremblay wants to get in on. Comedian Billy Eichner returns for a new season of Billy on the Street later this year, and a new trailer features the star-studded line-up and Donald Trump jabs that are on the way.


Image via A24

Among the celebs featured in the preview include Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, Seth Rogen, one-half of Key & Peele Keegan Michael Key, Andy Samberg, and “one of Hollywood’s only openly Indian actors” Aziz Ansari. But the real treasure will surely be Tremblay.

The 9-year-old child star of Room could sneeze and make tabloid headlines for being the cutest sneezer in America. He bowls, he refers Naomi Watts as one of his peeps, he sings along to Bon Jovi in the car, and he’s one of Canada’s most famous products since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emerged shirtless from a cave. So how do you think the Internet will react to hearing his high-pitched giggle after Eichner calls him Jodie Foster? It’s the Hollywood equivalent of watching a cat play the piano.