Bioware Documentary Looks at the ‘Star Wars’ World of Gaming

     May 12, 2016

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From Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare has remained at the top of their game for years now, and a prominent fixture in the video game industry since its creation 21 years ago. With Mass Effect: Andromeda fast approaching its 2017 release date, Complex Media has a series of videos under their Magnum Opus Games that look at the legacy of BioWare and all their titles. And now, with the above video, they turn their attention to one of their most popular video game series ever: Star Wars

The video released today gives fans an in-depth look at their line of titles from the Star Wars Universe, showing why it’s one their highest selling IP’s on the planet. Speaking with Complex, producer Ben Irving said that one of the unifying things that sparks the BioWare team is Star Wars. And it shows.

bioware-star-wars-knights-old-republic-1Most everyone on the BioWare team has a memory of Star Wars that affects them (and their work) to this very day. Most everyone on the team has a favorite movie that is the cause behind their fandom and creativity, with many looking at George Lucas’ original Star Wars movie, A New Hope, as their first step into the larger, Star Wars-world.

Of course, everyone points to the George Lucas universe’s impact on the future and viability of BioWare. The 2003 RPG title Knights of the Old Republic, published by LucasArts, was then followed up with the Baldur’s Gate series; a title that was widely praised, helping BioWare score top honors at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Though they would later revisit Star Wars with The Old Republic in 2011, BioWare did shift their focus to developing its voice through their own original stories. Mass Effect officially launched in 2007 and set the stage for an impressive decade-long run that includes Dragon Age: Origins and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

But it all started with Star Wars and that’s the subject of this exclusive look from Magnum Opus Games. For as they say in the video, BioWare storytelling is all about making the audience feel emotion. And for any red-blooded Star Wars fan out there, that’s exactly what they’ve done with their line of titles from a galaxy far, far away.


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