BLACK DYNAMITE Set To Explode In Theatres This October

     August 24, 2009


Of the hundreds of films that screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival only a handful created any real buzz – and only a few of those left Park City with a distribution deal.  One such lucky indie was “Black Dynamite”, the insanely bad-ass blaxploitation flick directed by Scott Sanders and starring Michael Jai White.  “Dynamite” was originally picked up by Sony but today comes word that the film will see a limited theatrical release through Apparition.  Find out exactly when you will be able to stick it to the man after the jump.

According to Variety, “Black Dynamite” will see a “platform release” beginning on October 16.  That means that Apparition is going to test the waters with a few theatres before they slowly expand into a wider release.  And, in this case, wider will still mean very limited.

Apparition is the home of specialty films like the upcoming “Young Victoria”, starring Emily Blunt, and Jane Campion’s “Bright Star”… and there is just no way any of those films are gonna be playing down at the mall alongside “G.I Joe”.

But who cares if you have to drive a little out of your way to see this movie?  How often do awesome, non-Wayans blaxpoitation movies come around these days?  So if you like the sound of “Black Dynamite”, don’t forget to mark October 16th on your calendar, check those local listings and bring your own Courvoisier.

“The city streets explode into violence when “The Man” kills Black Dynamite’s (Michael White) brother in this seamless recreation of the blaxploitation classics of the 1970s. He was the best agent that the CIA ever had, but these days Black Dynamite only answers to one boss — himself. When “The Man” ices Black Dynamite’s brother, starts pumping heroin into the local orphanage, and floods the ghetto with a secret weapon disguised as common malt liquor, the car chases, gunfights, and shirtless brawls that follow prove wild enough to make even Dolemite green with envy.”


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