Black Eyed Peas’ and Taboo Talk Creating Their Own Graphic Novel and Go Comic Book Shopping

     August 23, 2017

In a new episode of Comic Book Shopping, we’re joined by Black Eyed Peas members and Taboo to talk about their new graphic novel Masters of the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles, their music career, and much more. If you like comics and celebrity interviews, this is your show. Each week we’re joined by a new guest, who hits up a local comic book shop with host Jon Schnepp and peruses the wares while also discussing their career, upcoming projects, and of course their favorite comic books.

In this episode, reveals that his background in comics came from hip hop groups like Soul Sonic Force and Wu Tang Clan using comics art on their album covers and discusses about how that influenced the Black Eyed Peas graphic novel Masters of the Sun. and Taboo talk about choosing to set the graphic novel in the 80s, having lived through the crack cocaine epidemic, and borrowing from historical facts and conspiracy theories to create this zombie-centric comic. They also discuss other comics that have influenced them, from Red Wolf to Iron Man, Schnepp offers some suggestions for comic books they might like, and they talk about toys, figures, and recent superhero movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming as well as Taboo’s love of The Walking Dead.

Check out the new episode of Comic Book Shopping in the video above. To catch up on our previous episodes, peruse the links below.

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