‘Black Lightning’ Showrunner Salim Akil & Cast Tease Season 2 Story Details and Surprises

     October 9, 2018

black-lightning-season-2-story-detailsBlack Lightning is back on The CW! Tonight’s Season 2 premiere returns Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) and his electrified alter ego to the streets of Freeland in showrunner Salim Akil‘s unique take on the DC superhero. Unlike many comic book shows on TV today, Black Lightning takes a strong social stance and isn’t afraid to poke and prod at contemporary social issues, all while juggling family drama, small-town politics, and insane action that seems to come right from the pages of the comics themselves. For a rundown on just what viewers can expect from the sophomore run of the superhero show this season, be sure to read our own Allison Keene‘s review here. And for a detailed look at what’s coming in the season ahead, continue reading for much more from the cast and crew.

During a recent visit to the set of Black Lightning, I had a chance to chat with Akil and the cast in a series of group interviews, along with other reporters from across the country. We spoke with Akil and Williams, as well as co-stars Christine Adams, China Anne McClain, Nafeesa Williams, James Remar, Marvin Jones IIIDamon Gupton and Jordan Calloway, about Season 2. Akil and the cast were thrilled to tell us much more about this season than viewers have seen so far, so we’ve kept the spoilers out of this piece so that you can enjoy the CW show as it rolls out each Tuesday at 9pm. Keep an eye out for much, much more from our Black Lightning set visit report in the weeks ahead as new surprises, guest stars, comic book cameos, and epic drama unfold!

In the meantime, whether you’ve checked out tonight’s Season 2 premiere or not, here’s what you can look forward to seeing and experiencing in the all new Season of The CW’s Black Lightning: