A ‘Black Lightning’ TV Series Is in Development from Greg Berlanti

     September 1, 2016


Another day, another superhero series developed by Greg Berlanti–but it’s a good thing, right? The super-producer of DC TV series (all but Fox’s Gotham, at the moment) has his eyes set on another comic property, Black Lightning, and he’s partnering up with The Game and Being Mary Jane creators (and husband-wife team) Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil. The series is currently being shopped to the networks, and if picked up, it would make Black Lightning the first black superhero to lead a series on traditional television–DC’s Vixen is on the CW Seed app (though appearing in live-action as a supporting character), and Marvel’s Luke Cage will of course start streaming on Netflix in late September.

According to Deadline, the series will be written by the Akils, and will focus on Jefferson Pierce, who has hung up his superhero suit and given up his vigilante work until his daughter starts her own pursuit of justice. Coupled with a rise in gang activity and more, Pierce decides to make his return as the legendary Black Lightning.

black-lightning-comic-coverFrom what I can glean, Black Lightning’s powers are exactly what you would expect. He’s a metahuman who can control electro-magnetic fields around his body, and can use it to stun or even kill as necessary. He can also use it to launch projectiles, and it gives him limited flight abilities as well. In the comics, he’s helped re-start Superman’s heart, and has also honed his combat skills under Batman’s tutelage. So yeah, he sounds like a badass.

Pierce’s two daughters–Anissa a.k.a. Thunder, a member of the Outsiders, and Jennifer a.k.a. Lightning, recruited by the Justice Society of America–are also active vigilantes in the comics, and it looks like the TV series will be headed in the same direction.

With more and more cable networks dipping their toes into the superhero waters (like FX’s Legion), the show could really be a go to any channel. Since Black Lightning‘s story focuses on a father and not a 20-something like The CW’s current lineup (although the daughters will likely play a significant role), I don’t expect it to land there. But, anything is possible and we’ll bring you more information on the project as we know it.

In the meantime, any Black Lightning fans out there? Let us know why we should be excited about this hero’s story!