First ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 Images Tease Director Joe Wright’s Episode

     August 18, 2016


Good news, Black Mirror fans! Season three of the addictive and more-than-slightly disturbing series is poised to debut on Netflix in less than two months, but ahead of that release a pair of episodes are getting a splashy debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September. As a result, the very first images from Black Mirror Season 3 have landed online, and they look mighty dynamic.

Indeed, TIFF will play host to the episode directed by Atonement and Hanna director Joe Wright, as well as the episode helmed by Owen Harris, who was responsible for directing the emotionally devastating Season 2 episode “Be Right Back” starring Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson.

Netflix opted to play host to 13 new Black Mirror episodes from mastermind Charlie Booker, and they certainly did not skimp when it came to talent for the new season. Wright’s episode stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve, while Harris’ features Halt and Catch Fire star Mackenzie Davis and Beyond the Lights breakout Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Other episodes of the third season include Boardwalk Empire actress Kelly Macdonald and burgenoning newcomer Wyatt Russell, as well as a video game-centric episode directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane helmer Dan Trachtenberg.

For now, though, the focus is on the episodes helmed by Wright and Harris, which are the only two we have images for at the moment. Harris’ episode serves as the first installment of Season 3 and is titled “San Junipero”. As we can see from the images the setting looks to be either the early 90s or sometime in the 80s, but as with all things Black Mirror, the rest of the details are being kept secret.

Wright’s episode, meanwhile, is titled “Nosedive” and was actually scripted by Rashida Jones and Parks and Recreation creator/showrunner and The Office veteran Michael Schur. One might surmise that means there’s a comedic edge to it, but these images look particularly serious as everyone’s focused on the tiny cell phone screens in front of them. Again, plot details are nonexistent, but one promising nugget of information: Wright’s longtime cinematographer Seamus McGarvey—who also shot Godzilla and The Avengers—served as the DP.

All episodes of Black Mirror Season 3 debut on Netflix on October 21st.


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