Watch: Six ‘Black Mirror’ Featurettes Go Behind the Scenes of Season 4’s Episodes

     January 15, 2018


Netflix has released six behind-the-scenes videos for Black Mirror Season 4, offering a deeper dive into all six episodes of the new season. The anthology series began in the UK, but caught on like wildfire in the U.S. when it became available on Netflix. Subsequently, Netflix commissioned two new seasons of Black Mirror, which resulted in an expansion of the budget and American stories for the first time ever. Season 3 gave us one of the show’s best episodes yet, “San Junipero,” and the recently released Season 4 has similarly resulted in quite a bit of buzz.

As a whole, Season 4 is a bit more of a mixed bag. The Star Trek riff by way of toxic masculinity “USS Callister” is certainly a standout, as is the refreshingly hopeful romance “Hang the DJ”, but then you have something like “Crocodile” which is a bit of a chore to get through, and “Arkangel” which isn’t tremendously satisfying.

Regardless, Black Mirror remains one of the most fun TV shows to watch given its anthology format, and these behind-the-scenes featurettes offer a bit more insight into each episode, even if they’re frustratingly short. Executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones break down each installment, discussing the inspiration for these new episodes and how they approached each new story.

Curiously enough Jones refers to each episode as a “film”, and indeed that’s where Black Mirror differs from a lot of other TV series. While some shows like to tout themselves as film-like, Black Mirror really is a collection of short films that each have a beginning, middle, and end, as well as a unique visual style. This year’s stable of directors, from David Slade to John Hillcoat, brought their own sensibilities to the material, resulting in a dynamic watch episode to episode.

Check out the featurettes below, and for more on Black Mirror Season 4 peruse our recent links.