‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Episode Trailers, Titles, and Descriptions Revealed

     May 21, 2019

Fresh off the debut trailer for Black Mirror Season 5, Netflix has now released three new individualized trailers for the three episodes that make up the fifth season of the disturbing sci-fi series, along with titles and episode descriptions. Yes indeed, Black Mirror Season 5 consists of only three episodes as opposed to the six that we got the past two seasons, although this is something of a return to form as the first two seasons of the series—which debuted on Channel 4 in the UK—consisted of only three episodes each.

So why is this new Netflix season shorter? Probably because of the time it took to put together Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the experimental interactive episode that launched in December.

The three all-new episodes are Smithereens, which stars Andrew Scott (Sherlock) and appears to revolve around a ride-sharing app driver; Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too which stars Miley Cyrus and finds a pop singer launching a robot version of herself; and Striking Vipers starring Anthony Mackie in a story that digs into issues of infidelity.

What hasn’t been revealed yet is who directed these episodes, but all three look intriguing for different reasons. Watch the individual Black Mirror trailers below, which are accompanied by descriptions. Produced by Charlie Brooker and Annebel JonesBlack Mirror Season 5 launches on Netflix on June 5th.