Exclusive ‘Black Panther’ VFX Breakdown Reveals How the Car Chase Was Crafted

     June 1, 2018


The world of visual effects has advanced so significantly that it’s become tough to separate what’s real and what’s not from modern blockbusters. Case in point: A major set piece for Black Panther was crafted heavily using visual effects, including all-digital characters and environments, and you probably didn’t notice which part was digital and which was real.

We here at Collider are happy to exclusively debut the below video from Luma Pictures, an independent studio who handled the visual effects for the car chase sequence in Black Panther. Luma built an entirely virtual version of T’challa in his tuxedo to achieve some of these shots, as well as CG cars, intersections, and buildings.


Image via Marvel Studios

“We had to damage the Lexus throughout the sequence with bullet hits, damages to the windshield and Panther’s claw marks, and so we built several versions of the car in various damaged states to play out continuity across the sequence”, said Luma VFX Supervisor Brendan Seals. “One of the most thrilling shots involved Kalue firing the sonic disruptor at Panther, causing the Lexus LC-500 to instantly obliterate into hundreds of pieces.”

Indeed, tracking the vehicles was important, and there were very specific notes from director Ryan Coogler and the folks at Marvel. “There were just a lot of moving parts (literally) and we hand-keyed most of the car pieces. That way we had full control and the ability to address very specific, art directed client notes,” explains VFX Animation Supervisor, Raphael A. Pimentel.

“The careful combination of panoramic projections and CG assets ensured the environment was rendered in the most realistic and highest quality possible”, explains Seals.

Check out the full Black Panther VFX breakdown video below.

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