Toby Stephens Talk BLACK SAILS Season 2 from Cape Town Set

     March 28, 2015


The Season 2 finale of the Starz series Black Sails will air this Saturday, March 28th, and today we have an interview with star Toby Stephens. A little while back I headed down to the Black Sails set in Cape Town, South Africa and got a chance to chat with Stephens about his character Flint, the big reveal of this season and what last week’s tragic penultimate episode is going to do to move him toward being the pirate we know from “Treasure Island.”

So much has happened in nine episodes and if you aren’t caught up, there are some big spoilers ahead. Be warned before you continue.

black-sails-season-2-toby-stephensFlint has been through a lot this season. He’s murdered (and tried to murder) some of his closest friends. We learned about his history in England and how he became a pirate. We also saw the man who had the biggest influence on him lost. This past week, he lost his only tether to that man and it’s going to push him over the edge.

This week’s finale, coming on the heels of the announcement that Ray Stevenson will join Season 3 as the famous pirate Blackbeard, is going to have some major revelations. Check out the interview below. Make sure to return when Season 3 starts in January 2016. We’ll have all new content from the set for you.

Toby Stephens:

  • :13 — Stephens on when he knew the big secret about Flint that we revealed in the middle of Season 2.
  • 3: 08 — On whether or not Miranda (Louise Barnes) is good for Flint and what her death means for his future.
  • 4:50 — Stephens talks about shooting the flashbacks this season and the issues caused by his changing facial hair.
  • 6:18 — Whether or not his theater background helped him through the long, powerful and emotional scenes this season.
  • 7:26 — How much Flint and Vane (Zach McGowan) need each other and what they represent for the future of Nassau.
  • 8:51 — Stephens gives us a look at Flint’s ultimate goal, how it’s changed since the loss of Thomas (Rupert Penry-Jones), and what Miranda’s death will do to that goal.
  • 10:10 —  How physically intense this season (and next season) has been to shoot.
  • 12:00 — Stephens tells us about shooting his drowning scene from early in the season and how crazy it was.