Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Tom Hooper Talk BLACK SAILS Season 2 from Cape Town Set

     March 21, 2015


There are only a few episodes left of Black Sails Season 2. Meanwhile, Season 3 is shooting down in Cape Town South Africa. I got to visit the set and check out the fully built pirate village in Nassau, the numerous ships (yes, real ones) on wheels and in the water, see the incredible costume department and chat with the cast.

Billy (Tom Hooper) has gone through some tough times since he “fell” off the ship last season. He was rescued, offered pardons for pirates who went against Flint (Toby Stephens) and had to come to terms with working for a man who probably tried to kill him.

black-sails-season-2Mr. Scott (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) has had a lot on his plate as well. His fatherly relationship with Eleanor (Hannah New) has been shattered and he’s now on a pirate ship. I spoke to Kae-Kazim and Hooper about the second season, where it’s going and the big changes we’re going to see.

Kae-Kazim told us about the real-life pirate he based his character on and it’s going to have you running for Wikipedia.

Stay tuned, because we’ll run our big interview with Stephens after the penultimate episode of Black Sails Season 2 airs! We’ll also have some great stuff for you from the set when Season 3 begins next January.

 Tom Hooper and Hakeen Kae-Kazim:

  • :08 — Tom Hooper talks about when he knew that Billy was coming back from the dead.
  • 1:37 — Hakeem Kae-Kazim breaks down his relationship with Eleanor, where it started and how it’s changed this season.
  • 3:05 — Hooper and Kae-Kazim discuss their backstories and how much they came up with themselves.
  • 4:44 — Kae-Kazim talks about Black Caesar, the real-life pirate he based his character on.
  • 6:23 — Kae-Kazim on the producers and whether or not they might bring Black Caesar’s aspects into the show and black pirates in history.
  • 7:55 — Hooper talks about pirate crew bonding among the cast.
  • 8:46 — Hooper and Kae-Kazim on their relationship with Flint and where it’s going.
  • 10:44 — A discussion about the real-world politics of the time.
  • 12:41 — Kae-Kazim on Scott’s ability to tell it like it is to Eleanor.
  • 13:23 — The insane training the cast had to endure.