BLACK WINGS HAS MY ANGEL to Star Anna Paquin, Tom Hiddleston and Elijah Wood

     February 12, 2012


Anna Paquin (True Blood) and Tom Hiddleston (Thor) have joined Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) in a gritty noir thriller. A recent pick up by Cargo Entertainment, Black Wings Has My Angel is a story about an armored car heist by an escaped prisoner and a female escort. The script, written by Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart), Christopher Peditto (Light and the Sufferer) and Alfonso Pineda Ulloa (Restos) is an adaptation of the 1953 Elliott Chaze novel. The long-gestating project is due to start shooting this September. Hit the jump for more.

Screendaily reported black-wings-has-my-angel-book-coveron the pick up of Black Wings Has My Angel by Cargo and the addition of Paquin and Hiddleston. While specific roles have yet to be assigned, the story follows anti-hero and ex-con Tim Sunblade who picks up a high class call girl to help him in an armored car robbery. The book jacket describes the escort as such:

“She had the face of a Madonna and a heart made of dollar bills.”

My money’s on Paquin for the part, obviously. Check out an excerpt from the Chaze novel below (via Amazon):

I came back and searched dizzily under the trailer, muttering the way drunks do, and then I heard it. A shuffling around inside the trailer. The little tramp had knocked me in the head with her Southern Comfort and now she was in there loading up. It wasn’t easy to get inside now and it was less easy to work my way between the outer wall of the armored car and the inner wall of the trailer until I could get in where the money was. I saw the light inside the armored car, glowing in slitted shapes through the steel. The rustling was louder. She was sitting on the floor, naked, in a skitter of green bills. Beyond her was the custodian, still simpering in death. She was scooping up handfuls of the green money and dropping it on top of her head so that it came sliding down along the cream-colored hair, slipping down along her shoulders and body. She was making a noise I never heard come out of a human being. It was a scream that was a whisper and a laugh that was a cry. Over and over. The noise and the scooping. The slippery, sliding bills against the rigid body. She didn’t know I was alive.

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