Check out over 140 Images of BLADE RUNNER Miniatures

     March 17, 2015


If Blade Runner 2 ever gets made (even though Harrison Ford has signed on, I’m still skeptical it will happen), it will probably be packed with CGI. Compare that to Ridley Scott’s original, which relied heavily on stunning miniatures to make the director’s singular vision come to life.

Over 142 images showcasing the constructions of these miniatures have landed online, and they’re incredibly impressive. Even if you’re not a fan of the movie (I respect it and think it’s visually stunning, but it’s never connected with me), you have to respect the painstaking work that’s rarely done these days. That’s not to diminish the talent and skill of people working in visual effects, but this work here hammers home an art that’s almost completely lost at this point.

Check out the Blade Runner miniatures images below.


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