Exclusive: Blake Lively talks GREEN LANTERN and Karaoke at CinemaCon

     April 1, 2011

Blake Lively interview GREEN LANTERN slice

Yesterday, before the Warner Bros. CinemaCon panel, I got to speak with Blake Lively about Green Lantern.  At the time of the interview, all I’d seen was the trailer, so I still wasn’t sure if the movie was going to come together.  But after doing this interview, I got to see four scenes and I’m happy to report the footage looked so much better than I expected.  Loaded with action and effects that are literally out of this world, Green Lantern is the next generation of comic book movies and I’m so excited to check it out this June. Read or watch a lot more of my thoughts here.

During my brief interview with Lively, we talked about karaoke, how her career has taken off, what final footage has she seen from Green Lantern, and what causes her to geek out.  Hit the jump to either read or watch the interview.

Blake Lively imageIf you missed it, you can also watch my video interview with Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern here.

Finally, due to some audio issues, here’s the transcript followed by the video.  Sorry about the audio.  I didn’t know we had an issue until playback.

Collider: You’ve been answering a lot of the same questions, so I’m going to ask a fun one to start things off.  What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Lively:  Everybody has asked me that.

I don’t think so.

Lively: I actually don’t sing karaoke.

Neither do I, but what’s your go-to song?

Lively: What would I sing?  I don’t know.  Probably a Disney song.

I have not heard that before.

Lively: Really?

A lot of people go Whitesnake, or 80s songs.

Lively: No, no, no.  Definitely Disney.  “A Whole New World,”  The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast.

I like it.  That’s good stuff.   I’m really excited for your movie and the reason why we’re here today.  What have you seen of the finished film?

Lively: Nothing.  I haven’t seen anything.  I’m excited to be here and show this footage to everyone because this is this the only time I get to see any of the movie.  It’s so top secret.

Well, have you been doing ADR or anything?

Lively: Yeah, but you get little clips right before.  So you don’t get to see much.  And the ADR we’ve seen hasn’t had the visual effects in yet.  I’m so excited to be here today to see it.

You’ve obviously talked a lot about who you play and what the film’s about.  What I’m curious about — you’ve done other movies, you go to Gossip Girl, that takes off.  Now you’re entering the realm of big budget movies.  Could you talk about how that is for you?  Did you ever think you would get to be the lead in…

Lively: I never thought I would be an actor, so this is all — I feel like I’m pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes every day.  I love it.  Every film has been different for me.  Every film has been a different challenge for a different reason.  I fell into it.  I worked my whole life to go to an Ivy League school and I tried out acting.  I was very fortunate and got a job in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.   I still wasn’t convinced after that that I should dedicate my life to something because I was so passionate about going to school.  And so every job that I’ve done when I took time to explore it has been out of love and out passion.  I’ve been proud to work on everything that I’ve worked on, and I’ve had a great experience in everything.

You’re flying to WonderCon either tonight or tomorrow.  What do you geek about, and are you planning on wearing a mask or anything.

Lively: [Enthusiastically points to the Harry Potter logo behind her, then mimes casting a spell with an imaginary wand.] Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.  Rewind, erase.

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