THE AGE OF ADALINE’S Blake Lively & Michiel Huisman Talk Worst Jobs and Harrison Ford Roles

     April 22, 2015


Blake Lively has a box of chocolates. As I enter into the junket room, before the interview is set to begin, I comment on what a nice collection of chocolates it seems to be. She graciously offers me one. I graciously refuse. She leans back, smiles and confides that she’s really happy I didn’t take her up on the offer. She wants all the chocolates for herself. This leads into a two-minute discussion on the “fake offer” – when you offer someone some small gesture/thing out of politeness; but don’t really actually want to do/give it to them. I explain – I do this all the time. It would have been rude of me to take her up on the offer (i.e. eat a stranger’s chocolate). I’m actually fairly sure there’s a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about this very dilemma. The cameras haven’t even begun to roll during all of this and I can tell the publicists are getting anxious to start the bloody interview, the junket fairly behind schedule at this point already. And so we begin…

What follows is a fairly loose interview with Blake Lively and her co-star Michiel Huisman that somehow runs the gamut from Huisman’s one-day gig as a bartender to Logan’s Run jumpsuits to acid rain before somehow ending on the merits of the Harrison Ford-Anne Heche romance Six Days, Seven Nights (which none of us can remember the name of whilst filming). There’s also talk of The Age of Adaline smuggled in here – which is actually a rather good small-scale romance and features a career best performance from Lively. The actress stars as the titular Adaline, who after a freak accident, has never aged past twenty-nine in over a hundred years. Now in the modern era, she finds love with a rich philanthropist (Michiel Huisman); but must decide whether such a relationship can be sustained given what the ravages of time will do to him and not her. The picture co-stars Kathy Baker, Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford (who’s pretty terrific as Adaline’s former flame and Huisman’s father). For the full interview, watch below.


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