Blake Masters to Rewrite COLOSSUS Remake for Universal

     July 18, 2011


Blake Masters (Law & Order: LA) has signed on to rewrite a remake of the 1970 sci-fi film Colossus: The Forbin Project for Universal. There’s no word on the timeline of Masters’ re-telling (simply entitled Colossus), but director Joseph Sargent’s original pic was set during the Cold War and centered on a pair of supercomputers (one belonging to the United States and the other belonging to Russia) that swap top secret national defense secrets with one another. As the story goes, the rival countries are forced to work together so as to stop the computers from taking control of their respective war arms. Per Variety, Brian Grazer will produce the film via Imagine Entertainment with Erica Huggins and David J. Collins on board as co-producers.

As for Masters, the scribe has previously worked on television series’ such as Rubicon and Brotherhood. He also penned a script for Universal’s 2 Guns starring Vince Vaughn. Before Masters’ arrival, Jason Rothenberg had penned an earlier draft of Colossus. Colossus was originally adapted from the 1966 D.F. Jones novel of the same name. Jones went on to write a pair of Colossus books entitled The Fall of Colossus (1974) and Colossus and the Crab (1977).

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