Luke Mitchell on ‘Blindspot’ and the Life-Threatening Season Finale

     May 10, 2017


The Season 2 finale of Blindspot will leave the FBI to cope with the recent tragedy that Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) brought right to their door, while Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) finds himself at the center of Phase Two of Sandstorm’s big plan. And with Roman’s (Luke Mitchell) mental stability in question, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) faces an uncertain future.

Because things are ramping up more than ever, Collider got on the phone with actor Luke Mitchell to find out where it all goes from here. During this 1-on-1 interview, we talked about what might have happened in the fight between Roman and Jane had gone even further, getting injured for real during their big fight scene, the choice that Shepherd presented him with, Roman’s mental state, and the life-threatening season finale. Be aware that there are some major spoilers discussed.


Image via NBC

Collider: That knife fight between Roman and Jane was very intense. Do you think he would have killed her, if she hadn’t been able to stop him?

LUKE MITCHELL: That is a great question, and I have to say yes because he was unthinking in his actions. Depending on how the fight played out and if Jane was able to get through to him, in some way, than maybe she could have stopped him. If it was just pure animalistic actions, then he absolutely would have killed her, but he would have completely disintegrated, if he had done it. It would be one of those things that, if it had happened, he would have completely crumbled and had great guilt and remorse.

What was that fight scene like to shoot? Do you prefer the hand to hand combat, like in that scene, as opposed to using a gun or other bigger weapons?

MITCHELL: It’s all pretty fun because, most of the time, I’m learning a new skill set. This was actually the first knife fight I had to do, and unfortunately, it became memorable because this was the fight where I cut my hand pretty badly, in real life. I severed my tendon and had to be rushed to the hospital. So, it’s a weird one for me to look back on and it will be weird to watch the episode because it was an ouchy. It was very intense, obviously, to film. Getting in the head of Roman and being like, “Holy crap! I’m actually trying to kill my sister! That’s mental!” I had to wrap my head around that, and the way to do it was to realize that it’s just animalistic behavior. In that way, it’s really interesting because there’s so much behind every swing of that knife.