‘Blindspot’ Showrunner Martin Gero on Plans for Season 3

     March 22, 2017


New episodes of Blindspot are back on NBC, as the team comes face-to-face with their Sandstorm inside source. With Nas’ (Archie Panjabi) help, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) square off with and bring in an old foe, who just might be able to help them finally get one step ahead of Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), before it’s too late. At the same time, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) has to deal with everything that’s happened to her while Reade (Rob Brown) is on his own personal downward spiral.

To promote the return of the series, showrunner Martin Gero got on the phone with Collider to preview what fans can expect, how excited they are about these last episodes for Season 2, where Weller and Jane are headed, trying to keep the team together, Patterson’s rough patch, and the exciting plans they have for Season 3, if they get picked up.


Image via NBC

Collider: Now that Blindspot is back, after a break of a few weeks, what can fans expect, not only from this episode, but from the remaining episodes, this season?

MARTIN GERO: We’re extraordinarily excited about these last episodes. It all starts with this next episode, where finally the tide starts to turn against Sandstorm. They have been so ahead of the game, infuriatingly so for our characters. So, we reveal our first major blow to them, in this episode, and we finally get some momentum behind us. I’ve always promised that these seasons are like novels in a series of books you really like, so the ending of the season is, I think, one of the most satisfying we’ve ever done. You’re in for a wild ride!

What can you say about what Weller’s journey will be, for the remainder of this season, and where things are at between him and Jane?

GERO: The big thing that’s going on with Weller and Jane is that they’re getting a lot closer again, finally. They’re getting back to where they were, at the end of last season, before it all went to shit. It takes awhile to recover from the lies and betrayal that they both perpetrated on each other, but there’s no denying the chemistry between them. All of our #Jeller fans will be very satisfied with where the season is going, this year. But on a more existential level, Weller is trying to figure out why Shepherd has chosen him and what her plan is for him. Every since he came face to face with her in Episode 214, it’s provided almost less clarity. Those are all answers he gets, in the next batch of episodes.

His team is not only struggling to get anywhere with Sandstorm, but many of them seem to be falling apart, personally. How will Weller handle what’s going on with them?

GERO: It’s been a rough few months for the New York office of the FBI, certainly. He’s gotta deal with Reade, who’s uncovered some pretty big psychological trauma that he’s been dealing with all season. That comes to a head with Weller, in the next few episodes. And to call Patterson unlucky in love is the biggest understatement in the world. She’s had a rough go of it, personally, and that’s going to take some work. And some of Zapata’s secrets from the past are going to creep up on her again. So, Weller needs to play the strong leader, in holding everyone together and focusing on what’s important.


Image via NBC

In this episode, Patterson comes face to face with everything that’s happened to her. How surprised do you think viewers will be with how she reacts to what’s happening, and how she deals with it all?

GERO: Patterson has never been real good about talking about her feelings. She’s always just buried herself in the work. That’s what she did with David. Now, she’s really struggling to bury herself in the work because it’s the work that’s been causing her so much pain. It’s an interesting journey she’s on. She’s still a really fun character, but now she’s carrying a burden. She’s going to go through a rough patch. What’s great about the team is that they put their own problems second to their friends, which is probably not healthy, psychologically, but it makes for good people. Although they’re all spinning out in one direction or the other, they can really benefit from leaning on each other. There are some really beautiful moments, in the next few episodes, where our team rises up to help each other, even though they personally might not be doing so great.

Do you already have a plan in place for a third season, and what is it that needs to fall into place for Blindspot to get a Season 3?

GERO: I can’t speak to what needs to fall into place. I will say that NBC is deliriously happy with the show, creatively. And yes, absolutely, we have a plan in place. I had a three-year sketch of what we wanted to do with the show before we even pitched, and we’ve been running those plays, I hope pretty effectively. We’ve been working on Season 3, at least creatively, since January, and we’re in fantastic shape. It’s a very, very exciting season, and hopefully, we get to make it.

Blindspot airs on Wednesday nights on NBC.