‘Bloodline’ Series Finale: How Things Ended, and Each Character’s Fate

     May 27, 2017


Spoilers for all of Season 3 ahead, you have been warned!

Bloodline has ended, and with it, the story of the lying, murderous Rayburns. So how did everything play out?

Bloodline has been an increasingly messy experiment of a television show. Season 1 was a dark and often thrilling journey of a Florida Keys family, the Rayburns, who did a lot of terrible things and spent most of their time covering it up. The flash-forwards to a death were mind-boggling on two counts: 1) how could this family murder one of their own, and 2) how could the show get rid of their strongest asset?


Image via Netflix

Both happened, and Season 2 stalled out because of it, dropping the flash-foward construct to instead embrace fairly unrelated flashbacks and Danny’s (Ben Mendelsohn) ghost haunting John (Kyle Chandler). The rest of the season was a sleepy meditation on guilt, and what felt like major events (Danny’s son showing up) petered out into nothing. That season was punctuated, in the end, by Kevin’s murder of Marco (Enrique Murciano), which then kicked off the third and final run of episodes.

So which one would get this time, flash forwards, or flashbacks? Neither. With the end being nigh for the show, the first part of Season 3 flows along with a much better pace than Season 2, focusing ultimately on the twists of a trial for Marco’s murder. But then it loses its sense of self again.

Despite having the opportunity to end Bloodline’s story in any kind of way that might be satisfactory to viewers, the final two episodes of the series felt like someone was sweeping up in the writers room and decided to conclude the show with scraps of ideas from the floor. There was some momentum to start the season, but in the end almost nothing made sense or mattered. The most egregious example of this was us spending two seasons watching John Leguizamo creep around the edges of the story like some kind of evil portend, only to end up killing himself suddenly in the back of the car with Roy’s (Beau Bridges) men. The showrunners have spoken in the past about wanting at least four or five seasons for the series, and as things came to a close, it definitely felt like several seasons worth of contextless plot were thrown in at the last minute.

Still, whether you watched the finale or not, here is where the main characters all ended up, as well as a few thoughts on each and some closing thoughts on the series: