Red-Band, For Your Consideration Trailer for BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR Shines a Spotlight on Adele Exarchopoulos

     December 30, 2013


Blue Is the Warmest Color is a terrific film, but due to the Academy’s arcane and idiotic rules, it’s ineligible for Best Foreign Film.  However, it can still be nominated in other categories, and IFC Films has released a red-band trailer pushing for Adele Exarchopoulos to get a Best Actress nomination.  She absolutely deserves wide-spread recognition for her astounding performance as a young woman moving through a romantic and sexual awakening.  I’ve never seen a publicly released For Your Consideration trailer, and the movie hit theaters back in October, but I’m glad IFC is continuing to lobby for the picture and its breakthrough star.  This could also be an attempt to deflect the press-tour tensions that threatened to overshadow the Palm d’Or winner.  Either way, if FYC the campaign succeeds, it could help boost sales of the bare bones Criterion Collection release in February (Criterion promises a “full special edition” will be released a later date).

Hit the jump to check out the red-band trailer.

Via The Playlist.


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