BLUE THUNDER Remake On the Way From Sony

     March 17, 2015


I know for a fact that I have seen the 1983 film Blue Thunder. I know that it stars Roy Scheider, that the technology on the helicopter was incredibly advanced for its time, and that they occasionally used it for some peeping-tom action. Having viewed it at an incredibly young age on VHS (probably without my parents knowledge) I remember little else. Which makes me almost the perfect audience for the upcoming Blue Thunder remake since I’m pretty sure it will have none of those things! No helicopter, probably no real nudity (and definitely no peeping-tom action if I had to guess, our culture has progressed) and no Roy Scheider (I feel pretty safe on that one). I’m probably almost as good of an audience for this film as every single person more than a day younger than me since I imagine they don’t even know that the original film exists.

That doesn’t mean the Blue Thunder remake will be bad though, I think its blank slate probably gives it a lot of wiggle room to develop its own identity (with just enough IP recognition to help nudge it into existence). Per THR, It will be written by Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and produced by Dana Brunetti (Fifty Shades of Grey). And instead of a helicopter it will focus on “the world’s most advanced drone” which definitely seems like the smart play here.

There’s no director or talent onboard yet (that we know of) so sit tight and, in the meantime, watch this trailer for the original John Badham film:

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