Bob Weinstein Updates us on SCREAM 4, SPY KIDS 4, HALLOWEEN 3, and Other Dimension Film Projects

     September 24, 2009


Dimension Films chairman, Bob Weinstein, has now updated us on all of the projects that are currently being set up right now over at the studio.  What makes this update interesting, and also kind of sad, is that they are all either a sequel or a remake.  We now have updates on “Scream 4”, “Spy Kids 4”, “Halloween 3”, and a couple of other projects which include some remakes.  To read up on these updates and to find out which one of your favorite films is being remade next, just click on the jump.

Variety talked with Bob Weinstein who said “I’m going back to doing what I do best” before he talked up several films which he plans to release through Dimension over the next couple of years. So, let’s play some catch up.

scream_wes_craven_movie_image_courtney_cox_jamie_kennedy_neve_campbell_01.jpg“Scream 4” is going to start production in April or May and will be the first of a new trilogy of films.  Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette will return to the franchise with hopes of director Wes Craven also returning.

“Spy Kids 4” will be written by Robert Rodriguez and will be shot in 3D.  The movie aims to start shooting in March and will be released in partnership with Disney.  Robert Rodriguez will also be returning as the director.

The company also wants to shoot “Halloween 3” in 3-D with hopes of releasing the film next October.  If you guys remember, Rob Zombie will not be returning as the director or writer.

The company also have a couple of remakes (or is it reboots now?) that they plan to make.  Dimension is currently developing a remake of the cult classic, “Children of the Corn”, while also developing a remake “Short Circuit”.  I can kind of see why Dimension would want to remake those two films but they are also planning a remake of “American Werewolf in London” and that just offends the film geek in me too much.

Bob Weinstein also tells us that he plans to shoot sequels to “Hellraiser” and “Scanners” in 3-D.  What I find interesting about this announcement is that I don’t know if this means that Dimension plans to release these films in the theaters or if the plan is to make these sequels for the direct to DVD market, where you can find all the other endless sequels to both franchises.  The plan of shooting both films in 3-D leads me to believe that they are planning a theatrical release for both films, but I would think that just rebooting the franchises would be the easier choice than to making sequels which I don’t think the public is hungry for.

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