Not Dead Yet: BOND 24 and TWIN PEAKS Season 3 Will Be Shot on Film

     November 20, 2014


The number of wide releases this year that were shot on film amounts to but a handful, and despite heavy advocacy from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams, the format has become an outlier in contrast to the near-universal use of digital.  Digital is not inherently a bad format, and some filmmakers like David Fincher are able to take full advantage of the opportunities it provides, but the fear is that the choice over whether a director can shoot on film or digital may be disappearing.  That could very well be the case in the near future, but today some relief arrived in the form of news that two highly anticipated upcoming projects will be shooting on film, keeping the format alive for a bit longer: Bond 24 and the new season of Twin Peaks.  More after the jump.

skyfall-sam-mendes-daniel-craigWe’ll start with Bond 24, which marks a curious switch of format after the tremendous Skyfall.  The impeccably talented cinematographer Roger Deakins shot the previous Bond film on digital to gorgeous results, but Deakins was unable to return for this next Bond film due to the fact that he’ll be shooting longtime collaborators The Coen Brothers’ new picture Hail, Casear! (which will, coincidentally, be shot on film).  In Deakins’ stead, returning director Sam Mendes enlisted Her and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, who confirmed in an interview with In Contention’s Kris Tapley that Bond 24 will be shot on film:

“I’m going onto film [for Bond], yeah. I love film.”

This isn’t a huge surprise since Hoyte van Hoytema is just coming off of working with film advocate Christopher Nolan on Interstellar, and the cinematographer is well-versed in both formats.  Bond 24 is due to start filming next month in anticipation of a November 6, 2015 release.

Additionally, fresh off the exciting news that director/creator David Lynch is resurrecting his TV series Twin Peaks for a new season to debut on Showtime comes confirmation from Lynch himself (via Agenda Magazine and that the new episodes will indeed be shot on film, just like the original series.  That’s welcome news to fans who recently picked up the Twin Peaks Blu-ray, which showcases just how pretty the show was/is.  Lynch is directing every episode of the new season, which debuts on Showtime in 2016.