Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox Join BONE TOMAHAWK, Violent Western Shoots Next Month

     September 24, 2014


I’ve been looking forward to Bone Tomahawk ever since I read the words “Kurt Russell” and “Western” in the same sentence a while back and now it looks like this much anticipated film is on its feet and ready to go, making it one of two Kurt Russell westerns hitting screens next year (the other being The Hateful Eight).  So 2015 has that going for it.

In addition to the amazing (and previously reported) Richard Jenkins, the film has added Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox to its already impressive roster.  The film’s writer S. Craig Zahler (who also penned the flat-out amazing script The Brigands of Rattleborge) will be stepping behind the camera to direct.  The films starts shooting next month outside Los Angeles and will be produced by Caliber Media’s Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller.  Hit the jump for more on Bone Tomahawk.

patrick-wilson-bone-tomahawkPatrick Wilson will portray Arthur O’Dwyer, “a driven and thoughtful cowboy whose rise to the foreman position of a cattle outfit is interrupted by an unfortunate accident that reshapes his life in unforeseen ways.”  Which leaves Matthew Fox as John Brooder, “the eloquent, albeit inscrutable gentleman whose dark inclinations have put him and his polished weapons at the very edge of the western frontier.”

The film’s brilliantly insane logline is as follows:

In BONE TOMAHAWK, four men attempt to rescue a group of captives from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes that live beyond the edge of civilization.

Now, that’s my kind of movie.  Can’t wait for this one to hit screens.  I’ve been a fan of Zahler’s work since reading The Brigands of Rattleborge back in 2006 when Mel Gibson was attached to direct (right now Chan-wook Park is on the project).  And while I sincerely hope that film gets made – I can’t wait to see what Park would do with it – I’m equally stoked that I’ll be able to see something of Zahler’s in a setting where I don’t know every beat of the story.


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