Troy Duffy Says BOONDOCK SAINTS TV Series Could Be on the Way

     June 14, 2011


After hitting only five screens for one week in its theatrical release, The Boondock Saints has gone on to become on of the biggest cult classics around. Now after a huge fan following demanded a sequel ten years after the original, it appears more of everyone’s favorite vigilantes may be on the way to the small screen. We Got It Covered recently talked to director Troy Duffy and asked if another film sequel could be on the way. Indirectly, it sounds like that’s the plan, but the MacManus brothers will instead return in the form of a TV series. Duffy says, “We’ve been approached to do a possible Boondock Saints TV series. So the fans may be getting a part 3 as a television show. We might be able to pull that off. I actually called both Sean [Patrick Flannery] and Norman [Reedus] and they both said ‘hell yeah, we’ll drop everything.'”

Honestly, as much as I enjoy the original film, I feel like it’s a bit overrated, and I’m not entirely sure a TV series is all that necessary or exciting. I’m sure some die-hard fans will give me some flack for this, but that’s just how I feel. Of course, if the series ends up on HBO or AMC as Duffy anticipates it would need to be in order to allow the rough language and violence, then it might be worth a look.