Bootleg Version of the New AVATAR Trailer Lands Online Along with New Images

     October 23, 2009


In a move no one could have expected, the new three and a half minute trailer for James Cameron’s “Avatar” has been bootlegged and put on the Internet.  Obviously, it’s unfair to judge the visuals based on this trailer but oddly enough, it made me want to see it in theaters because the visual scope is so massive that a tiny, handheld camera can’t begin to capture it.  There are some new photos we’ve included after the jump but apparently all those do is make people bitch that the CG looks crappy.  Sigh.

But as for the (remarkably steady) bootleg what you’ll get most is story.  Some would argue that it gives the whole film away, but this is an adventure story and since it’s obvious where it’s heading, Fox is making a big push to get people interested especially after “Avatar Day” flopped.  I’m already excited to see “Avatar” because it looks like a big, fun adventure story and that’s good enough for me.  For everyone else hit the jump and hopefully this new trailer will turn you around on the film.  The official online version of this trailer goes online October 29th but you can catch it in theaters starting today.

Trailer has been removed at the request of the studio.

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