Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery’s Zombie-Themed “If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em” Gallery Show Featuring WALKING DEAD and Zombie Gizmo Opens This Friday

     October 3, 2012

With new artwork from Limited Paper favorites like Godmachine, Francesco Francavilla (last seen wrecking shop with an incredible Creature From The Black Lagoon print during Comic-Con 2012), and Mark Lone, Bottleneck Gallery’s latest gallery show—a zombie-themed affair they’ve christened If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em—is shaping up to be yet another impressive collection of artwork from the NYC-based gallery.  Want to see some of the stuff from the show, and find out when you need to be there this Friday?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

We’re going to have several bits of gallery-based news for you in the next day or two, and this one—concerning the newest show being thrown by our pals over at Bottleneck Gallery—seemed like a great way to kick off that series of articles.  If you’re a longtime Limited Paper reader, you’ll remember the Bottleneck guys from last month’s glorious More Than You Imagined show (that was the one based on cable TV properties).  That show—which raised a very respectable sum of money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation by auctioning off some of Mark Englert’s Game of Thrones-inspired artwork—was a runaway success…and their latest seems primed to be a similar hit.

The guys at Bottleneck sent over some images for us to look over—a few OG’s, a giclee or two, and a few screenprints, all of which will be going on sale at the show this Friday—and asked that we share them with you all.  We couldn’t be happier to do so:  If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em combines several of our favorite things (zombies, posters, and more zombies), and we’re pumped to see what else this show has in store for us.  Before we go further, let’s see some of what Bottleneck’s slinging this weekend:

  • The Walking Dead by Daniel Kanemoto
  • 16×24”
  • Giclee Print, Edition of 40

  • The Pile of Walking Puss by Boneface

  • Return of The Living Dead by Godmachine
  • 18×24”
  • 5-color screenprint, Edition of 115

  • Thriller by Ryan Milner
  • Acrylic on Boxed Panel (OG)

  • The Living Dead by Francesco Francavilla
  • 16×24”
  • 5-color screenprint, Edition of 115

  • You Got Red on You by Mark Lone
  • 7-color screenprint (with GID inks!)
  • Edition of 50
  • Zombie Gizmo by Cuyler Smith
  • 8×10”
  • OG edition, ink/pastel on paper

Looking pretty sweet so far, eh?  Bottleneck’s If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em opens this Friday evening at their NYC-based gallery (60 Broadway, Brooklyn), where all of the above—and a helluva lot more—will be going on sale.  For those of us who can’t make the trek to NYC this weekend, all prints and OG’s that aren’t sold during the opening will go on sale this weekend, so be sure to follow @LimitedPaper and @BottleneckNYC for updates as to when and where those pieces go online.

We’ll be back over the weekend with a more complete look at what Bottleneck’s latest show had on offer.  Until then, stay tuned for some exclusive news regarding Acid Free Gallery’s forthcoming NYCC releases (*coughWhalencough*), an update on Mark Englert’s Dr. Who-themed poster from LtDeditionart Gallery (remember that one?  It’s still on the way!), news regarding our latest giveaway (prepare to change your pants), and much, much more.  It’s gonna be a busy week here at Limited Paper, but you can keep up with all future updates via our Twitter feed (@LimitedPaper).  You can also reach out to us directly—if you’re a gallery, artist, or just someone with a hot poster-related piece of gossip you’d like to share—via email at  Everyone else?  You’ve been relegated to the comments section.  Sound off below!