BOYCHOIR Trailer and Poster Starring Dustin Hoffman

     March 23, 2015


I’m not sure If I’m really the audience for Boychoir, but it seems like a successful enough execution of the story they are tying to tell. And it has a heck of a cast. While I’ll probably wait for home video, it does look like it’s a quality entry in whatever canon it belongs, so if you’re into uplifting school dramas I’d suggest at least checking out the clip. Also, I’m a giant fan of Eddie Izzard so I watched just to complete my cataloguing of his work. It’s also nice to see Debra Winger back onscreen, however briefly.

Check out the Boychoir trailer and poster below. The film was directed by François Girard (The Red Violin) from a script by Ben Ripley and stars Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Bates, Kevin McHale, Eddie Izzard, Josh Lucas and Garrett Wareing along with the aforementioned Izzard and Winger. It hits select theaters on April 3rd.

Here’s the official synopsis for Boychoir:

A rebellious preteen (Garrett Wareing) with a remarkable gift is challenged by a demanding vocal teacher (Dustin Hoffman) at one of the most prestigious music academies in the country as they prepare for the National Championship. Also starring Kathy Bates, Kevin McHale, Eddie Izzard, Debra Winger, River Alexander and Josh Lucas.


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