Robert Zemeckis’ WWII Spy Film Starring Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard Gets Release Date

     November 3, 2015


This month marks the anniversary of the release of Fury, the Brad Pitt-starring war movie focused on the exploits of a tank crew at the end of World War II. So it seems fitting that news broke today that Pitt will be returning to the genre, and with quite the crew.

We had previously heard of Pitt’s interest in the picture, and that Marion Cotillard (Macbeth) might be joining the yet-to-be-titled Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) feature. Now, according to The Wrap, those details have been confirmed, and to continue the November trend, the film will be released November 23, 2016.


Image via Warner Bros.

Beyond the players involved, the premise is also quite intriguing. As we reported in June, Pitt and Cotillard will play assassins who fall in love during a mission to kill a German official. They fall in love and soon marry, but their romance is cut short when Pitt’s character discovers that his wife is a double agent, and he is ordered to kill her.

The story is an original idea from Steven Knight, who is best known for several other unique films, including Eastern Promises and Locke, both of which are great. When including Knight’s great writing talents in addition to the cast and the director, all the pieces seem to be in place to make this a highly anticipated picture.

Further, all involved have been quite busy recently, so while the movie was eventually pushed back, the 2016 release date means things will be getting revved up quickly. Zemeckis is just finishing up from directing The Walk, while Pitt has two movies coming out in the next few months: By The Sea, in which he stars opposite his wife and director Angelina Jolie, as well as The Big Short, which we recently got our first look at via a new trailer. And Cotillard will soon be seen in the highly anticipated Macbeth alongside Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds co-star Michael Fassbender. Hopefully Pitt’s next foray into WWII doesn’t find him in a basement.


Image via Sony Pictures

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