Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips Developing GHOST ARMY at Warner Bros.

     June 16, 2015


Back when The Monuments Men came out, Dave suggested that Hollywood turn The Ghost Army into a movie and a year later, it’s happening! Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. just scored the rights to Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles‘ The Ghost Army Of World War II: How One Top-Secret Unit Deceived The Enemy with Inflatable Tanks, Sound Effects, And Other Audacious Fakery.


Image via PBS

Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips are producing via 22 & Green and will be joined by American Sniper producer Andrew Lazar. The trio and the studio have locked Earth to Echo scribe Henry Gayden to pen the script about the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, an army unit of artists, architects, actors, set designers and engineers who were assigned to pose as US Army soldiers and stage combat to deceive the enemy. Apparently the group’s actions saved thousands of lives and there’s currently a campaign underway to get the unit a Congressional Gold Medal. As one might expect, the hope is that Cooper will star in the film as well.

Based on this little bit of information, the idea already sounds like big screen gold, but if you need more convincing, I highly recommend revisiting Dave’s “Adapt This” article. You can also catch a glimpse of exactly what the 23rd was working with in this trailer for the PBS documentary The Ghost Army below. The full film is currently streaming on Netflix if you’d like to give it a watch. (I know I will.)

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