Bradley Cooper to Star in DARK INVASION, a Spy Thriller Adaptation from Author Harold Blum

     January 14, 2013


Warner Bros. has acquired the feature rights to Dark Invasion, a spy-thriller which will be set up as a star vehicle for Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook).  From New York Times bestselling non-fiction author Harold BlumDark Invasion takes place in 1915 America during World War I.  Though America is still a neutral nation at this time, Germany sends their spies to the U.S. to carry out acts of terrorism in an aim to prevent America from joining the war effort.  According to Deadline, Cooper would play NYPD Captain Tom Tunney who is tasked with forming a team that will bring these spies to justice.  Blum’s book says the CIA considers Tunney the first head of homeland security and it’s no coincidence that Dark Invasion will debut on bookshelves on September 11, 2013.

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