JANE GOT A GUN Got a Problem as Bradley Cooper Exits

     May 1, 2013


Bradley Cooper, that handsome devil from those Hangover movies, is the latest casualty of Gavin O’Connor’s Jane Got a Gun.  Scheduling conflicts have forced the Oscar-nominated actor to turn tail only a month after he signed on to replace Jude Law as the film’s antagonist.  A silver lining in this news is the fact that Cooper’s part wasn’t scheduled to start filming until June anyway, so the filmmakers have a bit of time to find yet another replacement.

The film centers on the estranged wife (Natalie Portman) of an outlaw (Noah Emmerich) who harbors the man after he gets shot and defects from his gang.  While the bandits hunt him down with a mind to shoot up the family farm and put him in his grave, the wife leans on a former lover and gunfighter (Joel Edgerton) to help her stand up against the threat.  Hit the jump to get this all sorted.

THR reports that bradley cooperCooper is the latest to depart the beleaguered Western, making him the fourth principal to do so.  Cooper was supposed to replace Jude Law who exited the picture soon after director Lynne Ramsay surprised everyone by not showing up on the film’s first day of production.  Gavin O’Connor (Warrior) soon stepped in to helm the picture instead.  Michael Fassbender was also formerly attached to play the role of the ex-lover/gunslinger, but departed, which allowed Edgerton to take the part.  If everything else can remain calm on set, the producers have about a month to find another dastardly devil to play the picture’s antagonist.

In addition to Cooper’s press tour for The Hangover Part III, his filming schedule for David O. Russell’s American Hustle was recently thrown off kilter due to the horrific events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings.  When Jane Got a Gun eventually makes its way to Blu-ray – assuming it gets made first – there better be one helluva behind-the-scenes making-of featurette.

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