Bradley Cooper in Early Talks to Voice Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY [UPDATED]

     August 22, 2013


Production is well underway on director James Gunn’s Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s already looking terrific.  Gunn has assembled an eclectic and exciting cast that includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, David Bautista, Glenn Close, Michael Rooker, Lee Pace and John C. Reilly, and he showed off a surprising amount of footage at Comic-Con last month that really, really impressed.  With Guardians, Gunn is making a superhero film that is wholly his own, and the pic really looks like it could be something special.

Even though filming is underway, there are still two lead Guardians members that have yet to be cast: Groot, the talking tree, and Rocket Raccoon.  Vin Diesel has been strongly hinting that he’ll be voicing Groot, but now it looks like a fittingly left-field choice might be eyed for the role of Rocket: Bradley Cooper.  Hit the jump for more. [Update: The Wrap confirms that Cooper is indeed in early talks to voice Rocket Raccoon in the film.]

guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket-raccoon-bradley-cooperSince Gunn was first hired, he has said many times that the reason he wanted to make Guardians was because of Rocket Raccoon.  The filmmaker previously described the character as “a little gnarled, miserable, pretty angry creature because there’s nothing else like him and it’s not easy to be.”  Gunn and Marvel have been taking their time in casting the voice of the CGI-created character, but now the folks over at Latino Review claim that they have extended an offer to the Oscar-nominated Bradley Cooper to tackle the role.

As with all Marvel rumors, it’s important to note that nothing has been officially announced.  Marvel is famously tight-lipped about its casting, so we probably won’t know for sure who is playing Rocket until they send out a press release.  That being said, Cooper somehow seems like a fine choice for Rocket.  He can play subversive and he sure as hell can play angry (see: Silver Linings Playbook), and I’d be interested to see what he brought to the character.

If LR’s report is indeed true, then an offer has only been extended Cooper’s way; there’s no guarantee that he’ll accept.  The actor is currently busy trying to put together his passion project, American SniperSteven Spielberg was attached to direct with a production start-date of later this year being eyed, but the filmmaker subsequently dropped out.  Now it appears that Clint Eastwood is circling the director’s chair, but he has another project to attend to first (Jersey Boys), so it could be next year before Cooper gets in front of cameras for American Sniper.  Could he possibly fill in some of his downtime with voice work on a Marvel movie?  We’ll know for sure soon enough.


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