Bradley Cooper Runs Through DARK FIELDS

     November 5, 2009


I would exactly call Bradley Cooper and Shia LaBeouf interchangeable but that’s what has happened.  Back in April of 2008, LaBeouf came on board to star in Neil Burger’s (“The Illusionist”) mystery-thriller, “Dark Fields”.  Then LaBeouf realized he could go out and play with anyone he wanted so he decided to exchange “Dark Fields” for Oliver Stone’s unnecessary sequel, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”.  Over a year later, Bradley Cooper steps in to fill the void because he’s LaBeouf’s long-lost twin.  Hit the jump for details.

Based on the book by Aron Glynn, Variety describes “Dark Fields” as a “what-if story about a designer drug that can make you rich and powerful. Eddie (Cooper) is a down-and-out New York writer until he possesses a pill that gives him the ability to access the full capacity of his brain. He soon realizes that his newfound intelligence and success come at a hefty price as mysterious forces begin to pursue him.”

Okay, let’s stop at “full-capacity of the brain”.  Your brain is already at full capacity.  This whole 10% of the mind thing is crap.  Each section of your brain handles different actions.  It’s not just a knowledge tub.  Now, if they said he could access the full “capabilities” of his brain, that would be different because he would have crazy Sheldon Cooper-abilities like an eidetic memory or a vendetta against Wil Wheaton.

But back to “Dark Fields”, it’s a “Be careful what you wish for” story.  It’s also a “Just Say No to Drugs” story.  It’s like if Nancy Reagan wrote an episode of “Tales From the Crypt.”  That’s definitely the way they should sell it.

Cooper will next be seen in “Valentine’s Day” and Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of “The A-Team”.  No word yet if my letter-writing campaign for “Midnight Meat Train 2” has come to Cooper’s attention.


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