Bradley Cooper Set to Play Recurring Character on CBS’s LIMITLESS

     May 13, 2015


There may be no more reliable leading actor working in Hollywood today than Bradley Cooper, who recently led Clint Eastwood‘s excellent, woefully misunderstood mega-hit American Sniper and provided the voice of Rocket Raccoon in some movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. This year, he’s already been seen in the slightly underrated Serena and will lead both Cameron Crowe‘s Aloha and David O. Russell’s Joy. On top of this, he will be co-starring in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and, as Deadline has reported, will be featured in a recurring supporting role in CBS’s full-series adaptation of Limitless, the 2011 supernatural thriller starring Cooper. As reported awhile ago, Cooper will be producing the series as well, which casts relative newcomer Jake McDormand as Brian Finch, a young man who discovers and starts taking NZT, a drug that unlocks untapped potential in the human brain.


Image via Relativity

Cooper will be returning to the role he originated in Limitless, that of Eddie Morsa, a writer who also began to take NZT, only to realize that the drug came with some unwanted, highly criminal company. In the series, Morsa is a presidential hopeful who mentors and seeks the help of Finch, who begins working with the FBI to solve complex crimes that have eluded other agents. It’s like House M.D., if the Vicodin were replaced with supernatural genius-giving pills and the patients were replaced with thieves, murderers, and maniacs. Cooper’s appearance on the show will be dictated by his other commitments, clearly, but by all accounts, he seems pumped to be returning to the role and the story. And hey, the show could very well be fun, inventive, and involving, which was not the case with the hugely bloated and especially dull source material.

Limitless will premiere this Fall on CBS in the Tuesday 10 p.m. slot. Take a look at CBS’s entire primetime 2015-16 fall schedule right here.


Image via CBS