Brandon Routh Exclusive Video Interview – LIE TO ME

     April 23, 2008

Regardless to how you feel about “Superman Returns,” I don’t think there is any debate that Brandon Routh did a great job. Actually, he did more than a great job. To me, he was Superman. I, once again, believed a man could fly.

So when I was asked if I wanted to interview Brandon for his new movie “Lie to Me,” you could say I was very interested. Not only because I wanted to meet the man who plays one of my favorite comic book characters, but as a fan of his, I wanted to help him promote his other work to show he’s more than a man who wears a cape.

During our 12 or so minutes talking, we covered all of his upcoming movies and of course I asked about the next Superman movie. And since the interview was done before word got out that Warner Bros. stopped the Justice League of America movie, my asking Brandon about his thoughts on the film aren’t as relevant. But I did ask if he was ever offered the part of Superman in the JLA movie. He said no.

Since the interview is 12 minutes, I’ve broken it up into two parts. As always, I listed what we talked about during each part so you can see what interests you.

Finally, if you missed the movie clips I posted for “Lie to Me,” you can watch them here. The movie premieres this weekend at the Newport Beach Film Festival. And with that, here’s Brandon.

Brandon Routh Part 1 (6min)

  • Is it weird to see himself on a poster making out with a girl

  • Brandon talks about why he did Lie to Me and what it’s about

  • I ask if he plays someone who has an open relationship in the movie

  • I ask if he ever tried to have an open relationship in real life

  • After Superman Returns he took a break and now he has a bunch of projects. I ask if that was a conscious choice and did he feel he needed to take a break from the public eye

  • Life is Hot in Cracktown talk

Brandon Routh Part 2 (6 min)

  • I ask if the role in Life is How in Cracktown was a role he targeted

  • I ask if it’s weird to have all these projects coming out at one time

  • Miss Nobody talk

  • Dylan Dog talk (2:55)

  • I ask what he has coming up for the rest of the year – around 4:50 he says he hopes to be shooting Superman: Man of Steel early next year

  • I ask his opinion ofthe Justice League movie (5:20)

  • And for my last question I ask Brandon if he was ever approached to be in the Justice League movie. He says he wasn’t.

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