Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews from the BREAKING BAD Premiere

     July 15, 2011

Two streams of blood flow parallel gently gliding away into a drain. Over a week after attending the premiere of Breaking Bad’s 4th Season, this image still haunts. Enough prose has been shed onto the merits and brilliance of Breaking Bad that by now one should already be familiar with what is arguably the best television series on air and the tragic-comic arc of Walter White’s (Brian Cranston) ascension from mild mannered Chemistry teacher to meth manufacturer to drug kingpin. Suffice is to say that the 4th season premiere episode does little to dispel the notion of Breaking Bad’s excellence.

On the red carpet before the premiere, we spoke with Cranston, Anna Gunn (Skylar White), Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), Dean Norris (Hank Schrader), Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader), RJ Mitte (Walter White Jr.) and Jonathan Banks (Mike). In the following interviews – Cranston espouses on the difficulties of directing vs. acting, Banks discusses whether he has any say in his character’s direction, Norris talks about the inevitability of a Walter/Hank showdown, Brandt discloses if she knows how the show will end, Mitte expands on the growing relationship between Walt Jr. and his father, Gunn speaks out against perceptions that her character is “unsympathetic” and Paul confides how Jesse is able to remain so darn likable despite the terrible things he’s done. For the interviews, hit the jump.

Remember, Breaking Bad returns with new episodes this Sunday night.

Aaron Paul

  • On whether he’s glad that Jesse wasn’t killed off in the first season (as was originally the plan before the writer’s strike halted production of the show)
  • :30 – On how Jesse is able to remain “likeable” in spite of all the terrible things he’s done
  • 1:30 – Will Jesse remain clean this season?
  • Bryan Cranston

  • On how much darker can the show get
  • 01:09 – On directing an episode vs. acting within the show
  • Jonathan Banks

    • On playing the different sides of Mike
    • :30 – On whether or not we can expect to see the ruthless/bloody side of Mike emerge in the upcoming season
    • 1:20 – On whether or not he has any say in his character’s direction
    • 2:20 – Does Banks agree with Mike’s actions?

    Dean Norris

    • On the long time wait between seasons and not knowing where his character was headed
    • :45 – On whether or not the show is leading to a Hank vs. Walter confrontation
    • 1:00 – The dichotomy between being the moral center whilst also being “unlikable” on the show
    • 1:45 – Does Norris have any great action scenes this season?

    Betsy Brandt

    • On whether Marie’s inclination for shoplifting will come into play for the new season
    • :50 – Will Marie “break bad” herself?
    • 1:36 – Does Marie have any scenes with Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) this season?
    • 1:50 – Easter Eggs in the premiere hinting at where the season is going.
    • 2:12 – Is Brandt privy to how the show will end?

    RJ Mitte

    • On getting a new camera and subsequently throwing it down a flight of stairs for a short film
    • :50 – On any intimate “rite of passage” conversations between Walter White and Walter Jr.
    • 1:10 – Does Walter Jr. find out about his dad’s secret profession?
    • 1:50 – On any acting rivalry with his sister (Lacianne Carriere)
    • 2:30 – Hints to the upcoming season



    On Camera Talent/Questioner: Hunter Daniels

    Man with a Movie Camera: Tommy Cook

    Special Thanks to Jake Henson for loaning the camera