BREAKING BAD Renewed for a 16-Episode Final Season

     August 14, 2011

AMC may have some of the best dramatic series on TV right now, but they’ve had a hell of a time working out the details.  There was the negotiations drama with Mad Men, the behind-the-scenes creative shuffling on The Walking Dead, and recently trying to get more Breaking Bad to stay on AMC while controlling costs.  Deadline reports that Sony (the company behind the show) and AMC have come to an agreement over the $3 million price tag for the series’ budget.  The new agreement will bring a 16-episode final season to the series, although the final season may be split into two halves.  While AMC is a cable network and doesn’t have the cash of network TV or the premium channels, I think this is money well spent.  I’m slightly biased because I think Breaking Bad is the best show on TV right now.

But the drama isn’t over yet.  Vince Gilligan doesn’t have a contract beyond this season so he’ll be renegotiating his contract with Sony. The cast can renegotiate their contracts as well.  Click here for what star Bryan Cranston had to say about next season of the show and beyond.