BREAKING BAD Recap: “Buried”

     August 18, 2013


Breaking Bad hasn’t shied away from anything so far in the back half of its final season, has it?  No half measures!  The secrets that have been brewing and the confrontations that have been building since the first season are all coming out, one after another, in rapid succession.  Even Baby Holly has gotten thrown into the mix (but where is Walt, Jr, and is anyone concerned about his breakfast?)  As most predicted, Hank did not in fact “tread lightly” this week, but is taking his time from here on out to make sure he gets things right.  Let the chess match begin.  Hit the jump for more.

breaking-bad-season-5-part-2-posterHas an hour ever flown by so quickly?  There’s a lot to unpack from “Buried,” but the main thrust was the implosion of Walt’s family.  Although, Walt has been through this before with Skyler, and it was clear from the moment she sat down with Hank that she was following through with the choice she made regarding that impending schism.  When she went into business with Walt and began working as his accomplice, even under duress, she chose a side: it was Walt over Hank and Marie, and it’s a position she continues to hold.

For those who have wavered in their appreciation of Skyler (and for shame, truly), the scene in the bathroom proved once again how much Walt needs her as part of his operation.  In a moment of weakness he considers turning himself in as long as she keeps the money, thus ensuring all of this (and “all of this” is a legitimate fuck ton of weight, here) was not for nothing.  But as Skyler points out, the money is gone if he turns himself in, so lay low.  The evidence is not there.  Hank has suspicion, but nothing else.

Enter Jesse, who is in the opposite situation from Walt.  He doesn’t want the money, and he does want this all to be nothing.  Does that mean that he could become Hank’s golden ticket to putting Walt away?  Jesse’s checked-out demeanor in the interrogation room could go either way.  The money was the only thing he had left that would warrant his silence, and now that it’s gone, what would hold him back from turning on Walt if he thought it would cleanse his soul?  It’s a question we can’t begin to answer yet, and the (brilliantly) cruel writers left us hanging* just at the moment of truth.  If that confrontation is anything like the others this season, it won’t be cryptic.

breaking-bad-buried-dean-norrisMeanwhile, there was a whirlwind cover up from Walt via Saul regarding his money, i.e. the pile of evidence.  Though Walt (and Saul) were concerned obviously about Hank, they didn’t seem to remember about Jesse.  Then again, it speaks to Walt’s arrogance that he feels he handled that in a way that wouldn’t require follow-up.  Despite his admitting to Skyler that it was his mistake that lead Hank to working out Walt is Heisenberg, Walt’s hubris is still very much in play.  It would be fitting that the person he has manipulated the most on the show would be the one to bring him down.  Or will Jesse help Walt escape so that his actions up to now have meant something?  All we know now is that the monkey is in the banana patch, capisce?

Episode Rating: A 

Musings and Miscellanea:

— * = no, I didn’t bother watching another thirty minutes of Low Winter Sun to see the teasers for next week as of writing this.

— I don’t know why I’m bothering to rate these episodes. The show is the best thing on the air. Not every episode is going to be as good as some of the others, sure, but at this point it’s impossible to tell which ones will pale in comparison.  In the moment, each is genius.  “Buried” was mostly about plot points, though it did have some great character moments. What’s not to like?

— So, Lydia and Todd are in cahoots.  There’s obviously going to be a reason we’re still following Lydia as she continues on with the operation without Walt.  I think Todd will come back to haunt Walt somehow.

— The Heisenberg standard is the only standard.

breaking-bad-buried-anna-gunn— “AM I UNDER ARREST?!” is the new “Shut up shut up shut up!” for Skyler.

— The lotto ticket to mark the coordinates of the buried cash was truly a stroke of genius.

— Nice shot from above of Jesse on the merry-go-round, and also the rolling barrel cam.

— “He’s a monster” – Hank

— Hank with the cell phone calling Skyler … this episode escalated quickly.  That garage door has become such a signal for “shit is getting real.”

— Speaking of, Marie pieced all of the facts together about what Skyler knew when rather quickly, didn’t she?

— Walt asked Skyler if she was happy to hear the cancer was back.  Remember when she said she couldn’t wait for it to kill him?

— I cannot believe Marie tried to snatch that baby.  Skyler really restrained herself.

— Can someone remind me of the significance of the number of the interrogation room?  I know it’s a recurring one on the show.

— “Mexico. Alls I’m saying” – Huell, playing Scrooge McDuck

— Marie purple count – 8: blouse, shoes, robe, pj pants, slippers, camisole, kettle, purple glassware