Brendan Fraser Saves the Children in Action-Thriller SPLIT-DECISION

     July 31, 2012


Brendan Fraser has been struggling on the big screen in the last few years after The Mummy dried up and Dwayne Johnson muscled him out of the Journey franchise.  That being said, Fraser has a slew of projects lined up for the next few years; count the action-thriller Split-Decision among them.  Starring as a father who must protect his children from killer brothers after witnessing a murder, Split-Decision doesn’t sound like the typical light-hearted fantasy fare we’re used to seeing in Fraser’s family films.  Hit the jump to see who’ll be filling in the roles of Split-Decision.

THR reports brendan-fraser-split-decisionthat Fraser will be joined by Holly Deveaux (Victoria Day), Christian Martin, Daniel Kash (Aliens), Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) and Ethan Suplee (American History) in writer/director Damian Lee’s Split-Decision.  Deveaux and Martin play Fraser’s children who go on a camping trip with a family friend, played by Kash.  They witness a murder and are consequently hunted down by criminal brothers, played by Purcell and Suplee.   Amy Price-Francis (The Cleaner) stars as mother of the children.

The plot seems to center on, not only the kids doing their best to avoid the brothers who are hunting them to silence them for good, but also Fraser’s father figure racing to the rescue, a la Liam Neeson’s character in the Taken films.  No word on whether or not Fraser possesses a particular set of skills.  Fraser’s future films include Gimme Shelter, A Case of You, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Escape from Planet Earth and Married and Cheating.

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