Bret McKenzie Talks MUPPETS MOST WANTED; Says There Are Six or Seven Songs and Reveals That Ricky Gervais Sings with Kermit

     August 9, 2013


While The Muppets was a hit with audiences when it was released in 2011 for a number of reasons, one of the highlights of the film was the collection of original songs that were showcased—particularly those penned by Flight of the Conchords‘ Bret McKenzie.  The multi-talented writer, actor, and composer went on to win an Oscar for “Man or Muppet,” and he’s back penning even more songs for the James Bobin-directed follow-up Muppets Most Wanted.

Steve recently sat down with McKenzie in anticipation of the upcoming comedy Austenland, and during the course of their conversation McKenzie talked quite a bit about the Muppets sequel.  He revealed that there will probably be six or seven songs in the finished film, Miss Piggy will sing a ballad, Ricky Gervais sings a song with Kermit, and he talked about how the film differs from its predecessor.  Hit the jump to read on.

muppets-most-wanted-ricky-gervaisWhen speaking with Steve, McKenzie revealed that there is roughly the same amount of songs in Muppets Most Wanted as there were in The Muppets:

“I think there are seven songs.  Six or seven, depending on how the edit goes.  It works out to be one every 10 or 12 minutes.”

He went on to talk about two songs in particular, noting Gervais experience as a performer:

“Piggy does a ballad.  There’s some fun stuff, I’m excited.  Ricky Gervais does a song with a green frog, and that was great because I don’t know if you knew this but Ricky Gervais was a singer in the 80s… He’s got a really good singing voice so that was cool.  And Tina Fey does a really good performance as well.”

muppets-most-wanted-kermitWith regards to how Muppets Most Wanted is different from the first film, McKenzie noted that the follow-up is less nostalgic and more in line with the Muppets films of old:

“The main difference between the two films, I think, is the last one was more nostalgic and this new one’s more of a caper, which is probably similar to some of the original [films]—The Great Muppet Caper (laughs).”

Finally, while McKenzie noted that he does have unfinished songs leftover from the first Muppets, they’re not likely to be released in any other fashion:

“I do probably have half a dozen song ideas that didn’t get used.. They’re songs that probably are not much use apart from Muppets, they’re probably a little specific.”

Watch the video interview below, and check back for our full interview with McKenzie on Collider soon.  If you missed what McKenzie had to say about the fairy tale comedy musical that he’s currently writing, click here.


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