BREWSTER’S MILLIONS Remake in Development

     August 17, 2009

Brewsters Millions movie image Richard Pryor (5).jpg

Because you demanded it! Or, I assume someone did…maybe. Either way, writing duo Michael Dilberti and Matthew Sullivan are set to write an update of George Barr McCutcheson’s 1902 novel “Brewster’s Millions”, a story centering on a down on his luck schmoe who gets a chance to inherit a huge sum of money from his rich grandfather, providing he can spend a slightly less huge amount in one year without gaining any assets along the way. Riveted? Thought so, so go ahead and hit the jump to learn more.

Brewsters Millions movie image Richard Pryor (4).jpgChances are you know this story as mildly amusing 1985 comedy starring Richard Pryor and John Candy. Or you’re legally insane and are familiar with it as a 1945 film starring Dennis O’Keefe. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Warner Brothers is setting up a modern take on the story and has hired the team of Dilberti and Sullivan after their spec “Comic Con” garnered a lot of attention from the higher ups in tinsel town.

Not being one to complain about the remake train Hollywood seems to have hitched its wagon to these past few years, I’m actually intrigued to see where this script could go. Dilberti and Sullivan’s past as stand-up comedy writers could bring a certain wit to the now familiar story. It will also be interesting to see how the changing of the times is reflected in the new flick, possibly taking into account the economic crisis (albeit in a different, probably more subtle, way than Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” sequel). The biggest decider of this film’s success will have to be the star WB taps to headline the film. A lot of weight will be resting on their hypothetical shoulders, not everyone can follow Pryor, after all. In short, could be stupid and funny at worst and hilarious and scarily relevant at absolute best. Neither would surprise me.

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