Brian De Palma to mangle STRANGLERS

     June 4, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

I am a fan of Brian De Palma’s. I do not worship him or anything – but I am a fan. The first twenty years of his directing career are filled with well-crafted, well-received films like “Dressed to Kill,” “Scarface” and “The Untouchables.” Then, sometime after “Mission: Impossible,” something went horribly wrong for De Palma – we may never know what it was but the result was 2006’s disastrously bad “The Black Dahlia.”

For me “Dahlia” was a double disappointment – I love true crime stories, and the tale of Elizabeth Short, aka ‘the Black Dahlia,’ is always a crowd pleaser. How, then, could Brian De Palma manage to botch the film about Short’s murder so completely?

I’m not really sure, and I’ll guess the De Palma himself isn’t sure either. Perhaps that’s why he has decided to dip back into the true-crime well for his next stab at a directing come-back. According to The Hollywood Reporter, De Palma will next take on “The Boston Stranglers” for Valhalla Pictures.

Based on the non-fiction book by Susan Kelly, “The Boston Stranglers” examines the sensational string of eleven murders that riveted the country in the 1960’s. Kelly and other investigators have long suspected that the man arrested for the string of Boston-area crimes, Albert DeSalvo, was not the sole perpetrator – hence the plural ‘stranglers’ of the title.

So forget DeSalvo, if I know Brian De Palma he is going to pin the whole thing on a wealthy businessman obsessed with women’s hosiery and involved in a torrid affair with his slightly mannish daughter – how predictable.

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