Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra Exclusive Video Interview

     October 19, 2008

For many of you, hearing the name Brian K. Vaughn means nothing. But for the people that know Brian and his work, the interview I landed with him on the red carpet of last night’s Scream Awards (here in Hollywood) will make your day.

The reason is…I asked him about everything he’s working on.

So if you watch the interview you’ll get updates on Lost, Y: The Last Man, Runaways, what he’s working on right now and a lot more!

But the highlight of the interview was him telling me that next season of Lost “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network television. Ever.”

I. Cannot. Wait.

Also, while she’s not in the interview that much, if you watch closely you might catch Pia Guerra. For those that don’t know her work…she’s the co-creator and artist of Y: The Last Man and she won “Best Comic” at Spike’s Scream 2008 Awards

Finally, I’ve got a ton of other red carpet interviews and they’ll all be online by tomorrow night. Make sure you check back.

Brian K. Vaughn

· How has his life changed the last year

· Lost talk – what’s it been like for him

· Roundtable script talk – you really need to hear how cool this script is

· Y: The Last Man talk and Runaways talk

· How does he feel about IMAX on Y: The Last Man

· I ask how does his week work as he’s so busy – he explains

· When writing a script for a studio, does he get instructions or can he write what he wants

· Is he able to walk around Comic-Con anymore or does he get mobbed – also what does he buy

· Where are they at on this season of Lost – he says he’s already written an episode for next season, they’re about 7 episodes in and he says this season “is definitely going to be the strangest thing that’s ever been on network television. Ever.”

· What comics is he working on now and what does he have coming up – he says he hopes to be announcing that he’s developing a new original graphic novel

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