BRIDESHEAD REVISTED – 7 Movie Clips and the Trailer

     July 20, 2008

Opening this Friday, in limited release, is “Brideshead Revisited.” If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Evelyn Waugh’s acclaimed novel was made into a very successful mini series in the early 80’s and it starred Jeremy Irons in one of his first roles.

Anyway, the material has now been adapted into a movie and it stars Matthew Goode, Ben Whishaw, Hayley Atwell and Emma Thompson. Here’s the synopsis:

A heartbreaking romantic epic, “Brideshead Revisited” tells an evocative story of forbidden love and the loss of innocence set in the pre-WWII era. In the film, Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode) becomes entranced with the noble Marchmain family, first through the charming and provocative Sebastian Marchmain (Ben Whishaw), and then his sophisticated sister, Julia (Hayley Atwell). The rise and fall of Charles’ infatuations reflect the decline of a decadent era in England between the wars. Emma Thompson co-stars as Lady Marchmain.

While this is the kind of film that usually arrives in theaters at the end of the year, Miramax is launching it in the summer season in an attempt to get early buzz going. And if you don’t live in NYC or L.A., in the weeks ahead the film is expanding into more markets.

So to help promote the film, we’ve been provided with 7 movie clips and the trailer. Also, I interviewed Matthew Goode and Hayley Atwell so expect those interviews in the next few days. Until then….

Brideshead Revisited Movie Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – They’re away

Movie Clip 2 – welcome

Movie Clip 3 – Heathens

Movie Clip 4 – Temptations

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Movie Clip 5 – Family shadow

Movie Clip 6 – A word with you

Movie Clip 7 – Leave now

Movie Clip 8 – First kiss

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