November 3, 2010

Continuing our intense coverage of the American Film Market this week, we’ve got posters and synopses for Step Up 4Ever 3D, Brother’s Justice, Hybrid, and Something Borrowed. In what has to be one of the hardest titles to type in the history of film, Step Up 4Ever 3D lacks a director and hasn’t even started production yet but Summit Entertiainment has released a promo poster and brief synopsis. Underrated actor Dax Shepard (Parenthood) makes his feature screenwriting and directorial debut with the comedy Brother’s Justice, starring Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, and Jon Favreau. We’ve also got the Kate Hudson-starred Something Borrowed, directed by Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door), and One Missed Call director Eric Valette’s Hybrid which is about a murderous, serial killer car (seriously). Hit the jump for the posters and fairly thorough synopses.

Here’s the synopsis for Step Up 4Ever 3D opening in 2012:

The newest 3D installment of the smash hit Step Up franchise brings the eye-popping dance moves, drama and romance that have made the series a global sensation to Miami, Florida. This highly anticipated sequel from the producers of Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and Step Up 3D, which have grossed a total of $415 million theatrically worldwide, takes the franchise to a spectacular new level. With a sexy young cast, red-hot soundtrack and dazzling new choreography, Step Up 4Ever delivers more heart-pumping excitement than ever as the world’s best dancers compete to be crowned the kings and queens of Miami’s sizzling dance scene.

Here’s the synopsis for Brother’s Justice:

In an attempt to reinvent his career, actor Dax Shepard makes a rash decision to abandon comedy in pursuit of his true dream: to become an internationally-renown martial arts star. Without any formal martial arts training, nor adequate funding for his “blockbuster” action movie script, Dax (Employee of the Month, When in Rome) enlists the help of his buddies, including producer Nate Tuck, Tom Arnold (True Lies, Soul Plane), Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, The A-Team), David Koechner (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), Michael Rosenbaum (Sorority Boys, Smallville), & Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man II). Together, they fight to realize Dax’s true passion while facing rejection at every turn. With maniacal conviction, Dax journeys on a bizarre path that becomes increasingly nonsensical and destructive, all at the expense and exploitation of his personal and professional relationships.

Here’s the synopsis for Something Borrowed, opening June 10, 2011

As she waits to enter her 30th birthday party, Rachel White (Ginnifer Goodwin) can’t escape the feeling that her life has not turned out like she thought it would. Sure, she has a good job at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, but she works long hours and her boss is a tyrant.

She has her childhood best friend, the beautiful and vivacious Darcy (Kate Hudson), but seeing her flirt with her handsome fiancé is just another reminder that at the end of the party, like every other night, she’ll be going home alone. Except this time…she doesn’t. Rachel wakes up the following morning next to Dex (Collin Egglesfield), her law school study partner…and Darcy’s fiancé. Both of them are horrified. How could they let this happen?

They try to move on, but as the wedding approaches Rachel begins to realize that it wasn’t a mistake after all and maybe Darcy isn’t the friend she thought she was.

Now Rachel has to make a painful choice: her best friend or the love of her life?

Here’s the synopsis for Hybrid:

Each day people disappear without a trace.

Tonight is no exception.

A seemingly mundane Chevy Nova is parked on a Chicago street while two young men stroll past, beer in hand. On second look they see a gleaming red sports car – unlocked with keys in the ignition. Thinking they can go for the ride of their life, they jump in only to find they can’t get out. The windows darken while the boys scream for their lives and disappear inside the silent car. After its successful kill, the sports car reappears as the non-descript Nova and resumes its sinister prowl. Suddenly out of nowhere, the car is struck by a drunk driver in a large SUV and flips out of control. As the damaged car is towed to the police evidence garage, a pool of blood-like liquid puddles beneath it.

The Nova, a crime scene car, arrives at the Chicago police garage. Its appearance draws curious and confused interest from everyone who encounters it. Tilda Medine, an automotive mechanic with a tortured past, reports to her job on the night shift at the garage. What starts as another routine shift for Tilda, her ill-tempered boss Ray, her nephew Bobby and her fellow mechanics Gordy, Al, Hector and Maria, the company secretary, proves to be a harrowing night when they are confronted with the automotive hybrid.

At first, strange things happen, which escalates Tilda to witnessing the death of Al as he is consumed by the car. She tells everyone about the horrifying encounter, but no one believes her because of her haunted past. She insists to everyone she’s not crazy, when suddenly a different car, a station wagon, silently approaches them. Ray thinks its Al and Hector playing a prank. He goes to open the car and finds no door handles. He has Gordy pop the hood open. When he does, the crew jumps back in terror when they see a glimpse of a grotesque living being under the hood. There’s no time to feel vindicated as the car slams its hood down and leaps forward, chasing down Tilda and the crew. The crew figures out that the ‘hunter’ car is a clever and intelligent being. It has the ability to shapeshift and transform itself into various car types for whatever the purpose might be. The fantastic discovery prompts Ray, an Army veteran and opportunist, to exploit the potential commercial value of their discovery. Despite Tilda’s pleas, they plan a capture rather than a safe escape. But Ray’s plans for the night take a dramatic turn for the worse, as one after another is killed by the ‘hunter’ car. Tilda realizes that capturing it is no longer an option and their window for escape has long since passed. They have to kill their predator or die trying.

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