Bruce Willis Says “Worldwide” DIE HARD 5 May Shoot Next Year

     February 22, 2010


In a new interview with MTV Movies Blog for his upcoming action/comedy, Cop Out, action demi-god Bruce Willis let slip a few nuggets on the fifth installment of the venerable Die Hard franchise. According to Willis, the latest wrong place, wrong time adventure of everyman cop, John McClain, could be starting principle photography as soon as next year. Willis also mentions that he’d be excited to work with Len Wiseman, director of 2007’s Live Free or Die hard, the successful third sequel to the original film. For a few more of Bruce’s ideas on the fifth film and a couple musings on the Die Hard series, hit the jump…before it explodes.

bruce_willis_as_john_mcclane_takes_aim_in_live_free_or_die_hard_movie_image__1_.jpgIn addition to the major news that the film could begin production next year and that he would “hire Len Wiseman right now,” Willis says that his idea for the fifth film would be to take the story “world wide”, presumably with McClain undertaking a jet setting adventure comparable to a Bond film. This could be an interesting story idea, with McClain possibly finding a European trip take a turn for the worst because of some kind of terrorist plot. It would have to be terrorists, it’s always terrorists.

While there are jokes to be made at the expense of our elder action stars returning to the roles that made them famous over 20 years ago, I for one would be more than willing to take another wild trip with John McClain. While Live Free or Die Hard wasn’t the best movie in the franchise, suffering mainly from a lack R-rated content and McClainisms, it certainly wasn’t the worst either. McClain seems to lend himself much better to being older and more world-wary than other 80’s action heroes, and placing him in another culture could play upon the fish-out-of-water nature that worked so well in the first film. The filmmakers should also remember to maintain the wrong place, wrong time aspect of series that keeps McClain so relatable as a character, even if it does make one wonder how many times something like this can happen to one man. But if it’s going to happen to anyone, it should be John McClain.

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